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Oversized Good Company Triangle Lightning Super Comfy Tee

Oversized Good Company Triangle Lightning Super Comfy Tee

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Our heavyweight oversized shirt now reflects an important part of our gym!

We used this design to create a special way to celebrate PRs. If you make a PR, you can hit the button that makes the sign what we based on the back of this triangle lightning shirt flash and sets off an air raid siren. Now you can wear this shirt while you're hitting a PR. 

Our heavy T was designed to be durable enough to stand up to the heavy knurling of a squat bar that's trying to dig into your traps, and still fit any look on the streets. We had it custom made of thick 100% cotton for comfort, extra-long to keep your abs (belly) covered when you bench, and blocky AF for style. There's no other shirt for lifters that's anything like it. To us, it's a revolution. True training gear has finally arrived! 

The shirt has a Goody Bear tag in green at the hem, a tri-color lighting bolt on the left chest, and a triangle Good Company logo* on the back. 

*A note on our triangle lightning logo: Did you know that the sum of all the internal angles of a triangle is always 180 degrees no matter how the triangle is constructed? One hundred and eighty degrees is a half turn. It's directly behind your back. And who's got your back? The good company you surrounded yourself with! (Ok, that was a huge stretch, but if you actually read this far, you're not just in good company, you're in the best company.)

Oversized fit. 100% cotton.

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